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Qingyuan Qi Li has spent the early entrepreneurial order Yin, is currentlyin a period of rapid development. After years of reserve personnel and training, the absorption of management and technical elite in the industry, we have a young, professional team, full of youthful spirit.Them, excellent moral character have integrity, hard-working, simple. QiLiren all to "unity, dedication, hard work, innovation" the interpretation ofQili spirit, make concerted efforts, bear hardship without complaint, to plant at home, keeping pace with the times, the new and old Qi Liren join hands, create Qili the development history of the last another miracle. Issuch a group of people, each other respect, trust, understanding, goodprospects for the realization of individual and the company common development, create excellent team full of vitality, for companies in thesynthetic leather industry competition is fierce day by day, win - place.Today, the company's corporate website opened in the moment, on behalf of the board of directors of the company and all the shareholders,in jobs hard, hard to pay for the development of Qi Qi Liren, once the force had helped us social friends from all walks of life, sincere to yousay "thank you"!

As a founding 8 years of the enterprise, not too long, not too short, tothe development of today's industrial scale, without always support ourcustomers and suppliers. "Qi Li with customers, suppliers and common development" has been striving to achieve the goal of qi. In synthetic leather industry competition is fierce day by day, I hope you like the previous support us eventually to achieve a win-win situation. With the rapid development of road rimedyne gradually scale, we will use a better,more stable quality and more competitive price and better serve our sincere cooperation partners!

The company in a healthy, rapid development today, need a large number of the culture and the ideal, ambitious, talents to join our team intogether, provide a good platform for development company will be for you, and eventually realize the common development of the individual and the company. Choose us, and work hard towards your desired goals in life to struggle, will certainly be able to achieve - hope returns!

The company is committed to producing homogeneous force synthesisbest price of leather, commitment to customers, employees, investorsbenefit maximization, is committed to repay the society. Let's join upFeng, work together to create a better future!

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